Depth Charge



Depth Charge stands near to the shimmering Neptune's Beach, offering riders a chance to race each other down to the aquatic paradise below! A four-lane water slide with bumps and hills, Depth Charge is great interactive fun as you get into position, eyes on your opponents, and when the ramps come up you hoist yourself down the wave-shaped structure to be first to the bottom! Always popular on hot, sunny days, it may only be small compared Thorpe's newer ride roster that has emerged up around it, but it's still sure to make you smile - especially if you win the race!

Before you are sent down the drops, you can give yourself a bit of extra momentum to get a competitive edge over your opponents! Be sure to hold the rails and give yourself a little push as you begin – it could mean you win!

ManufacturerNV Aquatic
TypeDinghy Slide
Max Height39 FT


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