News 11/02/2011

LC12 Plans Released

Posted By Marc

Today in an exciting development, Runnymede Council have uploaded the plans submitted by Thorpe Park regarding the new attraction LC12, the parks new rollercoaster scheduled to open in 2012.

From the plans we can now confirm the ride will be a B&M Wing Rider model, similar to one currently under construction at sister park Gardaland, although we can still not confirm rumors as to if the seats will spin or not to add the "4D effect".

The ride will stand at an impressive 126 feet making it making it the 2nd tallest ride on park. From the plans we can see the ride will carry an "apocalyptic" theme where riders "Fly" through a crash scene and experience the full size replica themeing. In keeping with this theme the track will be painted a grey color with the supports being greeny-grey in color.

Being one of the first areas with new development for a reasonable period of time the area also has a series of ancillary buildings including themed toilets, retail outlets and a food and beverage unit. Due to the rides location a new bridge will also be constructed joining "Island C" with the rest of the park.

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