Recently celebrating its 10th birthday, Colossus was the ride that showed the world that Thorpe Park was ready to be a big-hitter in the theme park industry. Towering over the rest of the park upon its début in the Lost City area in 2002, all eyes were on Thorpe for one reason: it had just shattered the world record for most inversions on a full-circuit coaster. Colossus, built by Swiss manufacturer Intamin, offers riders the chance to flip, spin, and roll through the world’s first ten-looping rollercoaster. Discover the Lost City’s Aztec secret as you duck and dive over, under and around walkways, ponds and bridges!

Upon leaving the station, riders head up the 100ft lift hill before the deceptively gentle descent picks up immense speed through the first inversion – a large vertical loop. You sail over the bunny hop and down under the Colossus shop to perform the cobra roll – so named because its shape resembles a cobra’s recoiled head. Then a double corkscrew takes you back up to the top of the ride site before your world begins to blur as you take on the quad-heartline rolls. After these disorientating trademark inversions you coast gently around the final turn, past Rush and X and into the station, but a fifth heartline roll in the opposite direction of the first four awaits you. Much tighter and lower to the ground than the others, it’s a spectacular finale to Thorpe’s mind-bending Aztec-themed coaster

A front row queue system operates to offer guests improved views of the park when on the ride. It splits from the main queue when approaching the station. Please be aware that queuing for the front row will significantly increase your queue time as only two guests per cycle can ride. The two front seats also offer a much smoother ride than in the rest of the train.

To Ride Colossus you must be at least 1.4m tall. People approaching a chest measurement of 51 inches should try the test seat at the entrance or speak with a rides host.

ManufacturerINTAMIN AG
Top Speed45 MPH
Max Height98 FT



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