News 30/05/2018

The Year of The Walking Dead Continues

Posted By Josh

We are full swing into the May half term, which means that the events of the Year of The Walking Dead have been in full swing! Over the past couple of weeks we have seen:

 -The introduction of Apocalypse Weekends

-The exclusive, 10 day opening of Living Nightmare Extreme

-Multiple 10am-10pm open days

 Apocalypse Weekends last until the end of June, and invite guests to explore the Island and find resources scattered around the park, by means of scanning QR codes through the Thorpe Park app. Once all points are scanned, guests can collect a free Pop Badge from The Island Shop or a free return ticket in September.

The Walking Dead - Living Nightmare opened for 2017 at the resorts annual Fright Nights event, Despite some mixed reaction regarding the scariness of the attraction, it was, it has recently won an award at ScareCON, Europe's only scare attraction convention, for best Set Design, Costume and Make Up. This is certainly a much deserved prize, as the detailing within the attraction is phenomenal.

Organiser of the ScareCON Awards, Michael Bolton said, “Every aspect of the set and costume design with Living Nightmare, made us feel like we were walking through actual scenes from the hit television Show – The Walking Dead. The attention to detail in all the scenes was outstanding and on every visit through we spotted new references and details that just added to the enjoyment.”

Living Nightmare Extreme, which now uses Slammer's old queue, has certainly upped the ante for the maze, including many, many more actors, which add to the chaotic nature of being chased by Walkers from the show. Guests are regularly split up and challenged with going through the maze in small groups, or even alone, which again furthers the intensity and extreme nature of the attraction. Scare attractions are difficult to 'get right' outside of Halloween, but we think Thorpe have found the sweet spot this time!

Living Nightmare Extreme closes on June 3rd, and we expect the maze to return for this year's Fright Nights. After Apocalypse Weekends finish in June, the next major event of The Year of The Walking Dead is the Zombie Hunt, an interactive live experience taking place from July 26th to September 1st. During this summer period, the park is open 10am-10pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and 10am-6pm on all other days.

Have you tried Living Nightmare Extreme? Are you looking forward to the rest of The Year of The Walking Dead? Let us know our forums!


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