News 23/03/2018

2018 Open Day Roundup

Posted By Marc

Today, Thorpe Park opened its gates for the first time for 2018, with plenty of new going ons for the season.

Firstly, the park should be commended for it's good operations.  Most rides were running at full capacity, and all rides except Quantum (and The Walking Dead: The Ride, which isn't scheduled to open until Easter) open.  Rides ran efficiently too.  All of this on the first day with guests in the park, following the cancellation of last weekend's preview days.

Nemesis Inferno has received new station audio which is refreshing to hear, along with its show lights being replaced for the rides dispatch sequence. On a slightly more negative side, rides such as Colossus and Stealth still had their Fright Night audio variations, along with much of the digital signage being outdated for large parts of the day, hopefully these things can be put right over the next few days.

Plenty of rides have had repaints to varying degrees, with Colossus getting painted trains and supports, along with large parts of its Lost City themed rock work being replaced. Tidal Wave and Rush have also been largely repainted, Vortex’s lowering floor has been repainted Over at The Swarm, its police themed Operator console is currently being repainted, the station its self has seen the wood removed from much of the structure, although we undersand this will be replaced. Stealth has also received a new entrance sign!


Derren Browns Ghost Train - Rise of The Demon has seen changes too, with the scene after after the first VR sequence being re-thought and replaced. (We won’t spoil it!)

The food offering across the resort has seen changes for the new season, with Bush BBQ and Roast n Relish closing, but Crust has reopened and Proper Cornish has been rolled across the resort. Mexican Cantina is closed, and will reopen in the near future as Sombrero’s Burrito Bar. Many food outlets around the park are now also card only, in an effort to decrease serving time.

There's plenty of new merchandise available across the resort, with new shirts, hoodies, cups and shot glasses currently for sale. An updated version of Top Trumps are also available. We also understand lots of new pins will be available throughout the season tpo, so keep an eye out for them!


The entrance area has received a facelift.  The old Annual Pass building is now the all-purpose ticket building, with the old kiosks being turned into a nicer security checkpoint.  Finishing touches are being made to this, but it looks a lot nicer than before.


Fastrack has seen lots of changes to the way it works.  There's now only one Fastrack kiosk on resort, The Jungle Fastrack Outpost next to I'm a Celebrity.

We are looking forward to the 2018 season and seeing all the other new changes that the year will bring, along with The Walking Dead: The Ride!, which is also taking shape!  Let us know what you're looking forward to most on our forums!



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