News 20/02/2018

NEW For 2018: The Walking Dead: The Ride

Posted By Marc

Thorpe Park Resort has announced The Walking Dead: The Ride, the world’s first rollercoaster themed around the global TV phenomenon, to open this Easter forming the headline attraction for 'The Year of The Walking Dead'.

The Walking Dead - The Ride is a retheme of X, the Vekoma roller coaster which has been at the resort since 1996.  Plans released in December gave the first hints of a new Walking Dead theme for the ride, with a watchtower to be built in front of the building, as well as a new outside queue, serving as the entrance to the attraction. 

The Walking Dead: The Ride will continue to face forwards, as X has done since 2013, and will have an increased height restriction of 1.4m, along with an advisory age restriction of 13.  The attraction is also set to incorporate additional elements, including a pre-show and actors taking on “undead roles”. 

The stops, which formed part of X:\ No Way Out are also set to return, with the press release stating, “The ride itself will travel through darkened tunnels and shudder to unexpected halts to ramp up the terror.” The return of the stops could also mean the resort could run the ride on 4 trains again.

Thorpe Park’s John Burton said: “Guests will believe the walking dead are all around them — like they are in their own episode of the show.

“It’s 15 out of ten on the scare scale.”

Due to open around Easter, The Walking Dead - The Ride forms part of The Year of The Walking Dead, which includes several events throughout the year, including the opening of TWD - Living Nightmare during May half term, Apocalypse Weekends during June, and a Zombie Hunt experience during summer.

What are you expecting from TWD - The Ride?  Are you looking forward to The Year of The Walking Dead?  Let us know on our forums!



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