News 16/03/2018

5 Things from the 2018 Park Map

Posted By Josh

Today, Thorpe Park Resort gave us a glimpse their 2018 map, which gives us an insight as to what is new for this season.  We've noticed plenty of changes for this year, and here are our Top 5 picks for changes we can see on the park map...

1) The Dock Yard.  Following the introduction of The Walking Dead - The Ride, the resort have created a new area, The Dock Yard.  Including the resorts newest attraction and Derren Brown's Ghost Train Rise of the Demon, this is the first new area the resort have introduced sincd they rethemed the areas in 2015.  And we think it helps bring more continuity across the areas!

2) Sombrero's Burrito Bar.  Replacing Desperado's Mexican Cantina is a new burrito bar, which will feature predominantly burritos, but also other Mexican food and drink.  The Cantina has proven popular since it's introduction in the 2010 season, and we're sure this new style will be equally as popular! 

3) Live actors.  There's a new handy symbol saying whether an attraction has live actors in.  I'm a Celebrity and Derren Brown's Ghost Train have the symbol, but interestingly, The Walking Dead - The Ride does not.

4) Area Under Development.  Once again, the place where Loggers Leap once stood is listed as 'Area Under Development'.  This is the third season it's been listed as such, so it's perhaps indicating that there are still plans for the area in the not too distant future...

5) Seasonal attractions.  There were some unbased rumours towards the end of 2017 that Rumba Rapids would follow suit with Amity Beach, Wet Wet Wet and I'm a Celebrity and become a seasonal attraction.  The map confirms this isn't the case, and that only those three attractions will be seasonal.


We're sure that there's plenty of other surprises for us to see when the resort re-opens, and we can't wait to see them!


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