News 15/11/2017

Ghost Train Recognised by TEA

Posted By Josh

This week, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) announced that they have awarded Derren Brown's Ghost Train:  Rise of the Demon an Award for Outstanding Achievement (AOA) as an Immersive Attraction. 

 This is the 24th iteration of the awards, which recognises theme parks and themed attractions for a variety of different reasons.  The awards are unlike traditional ceremonies, which would usually include a shortlist of nominees for set categories, followed by a vote for a winner, and instead gives recognition to parks and attractions which have created an experience which is notable in its own way.  Other categories that the awards have this year include 'Best Theme Park Land', 'Best Immersive Event on a Limited Budget' and 'Innovative Technology'.

 Despite the Ghost Train have a mixed reception from the enthusiast community, and struggling to have consistent reliability, it is largely a well received attraction from the public.  Furthermore, it has captured the theme park industry's attention, and shows that sometimes taking a risk and trying to create something completely different can work - and we believe that we could see more parks trying something unusual in the future as a result!

 What do you think of Derren Brown's Ghost Train?  Are there any other attractions in the UK which you think the industry should have recognised in the past, or may do in the future?  Let us know on our forums!

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