News 5/10/2018

2018 Fright Nights Launch

Posted By Josh

Fright Nights officially starts today! TPM have been lucky enough to preview the resort's offering this year both at the Annual Pass preview event, and the resort's media event. But how do this year's mazes stack up?

Returning mazes...

Saw Alive
Saw is now in its 9th season at the resort, making it the longest serving Fright Nights attraction. There are no changes compared to previous years, but the maze is very dependable. Scares come thick and fast, the lighting is perfect and generally it is set up to leave guests feeling scared!

Living Nightmare
Returning for its second season, and following stints throughout this season, Living Nightmare has seen some changes for this year's event. Notably, these include a lot more swearing in the script (bringing to life the Negan storyline from the show), and a rewritten ending. The ending could perhaps be stronger still, but there were lively actors throughout who were good at using the space around them.

Back for its 4th season, Containment has not seen any major changes, keeping the same room themes and general theme. We hope to see this get a refresh in years to come, keeping the upcharge escape room experience relevant for returning visitors.

Platform 15
Platform has not seen any changes to the route this year, but features a new story. The Sleeper Express was taking a group of people to a wedding in a town near London, but the train conductor crashed the train - killing all passengers - since he himself loved the bride. Perhaps not as strong as last year's concept, but nice to see, and the maze has a slightly stronger ending.

New for this year...

Do or Die
Do or Die is perhaps the biggest new thing at Fright Nights this year. A reimagining of Sanctum, and taking place on the old Big Top location, it features indoor and outdoor section, as you visit a safe haven in the zombie apocalypse...where cannibals roam.

There are some very strong scenes here with some good characterization at points. The second half of the maze is a little weaker compared to the first, but we've been told this is being looked into and some different methods were tried throughout the night.

Blair Witch
Blair Witch returns with a shorter layout, starting behind the I'm a Celebrity building and finishing by the Nemesis Inferno exit. However, don't let the short route fool you! Lots of trees and woodland have made the route long, and give actors plenty of hiding spaces. On top of that, the finale shed has intense strobes to disorient.

Blair Witch is never intended to be the scariest maze, but it does deserve a place in the line up.

Dead Creek Woods
A surprise last minute addition, using the Zombie Hunt route, Dead Creek Woods is based around an infection that's taken over a once peaceful city. Sadly, there's no changes to the layout, and the story is perhaps a little lost on the way, but there's some nice jump scares moments and a big run moment half way through the maze.

Vulcan Peak
Vulcan Peak is the last new maze for this year, and is a standard hooded attraction in the I'm a Celebrity space. Unlike the resort's previous hooded maze, The Passing, you follow a rope round the course, and cannot see through your hood.

Sadly, Vulcan Peak is one of the weakest mazes to appear at Fright Nights. The maze is devoid of scares, features a voiceover throughout the soundtrack which sounds more like a safety announcement, and a confusing ending where the hoods come off too soon. The guide rope uses some nice height changes though.

The resort are aware of the weakness of the attraction, and we hope they can improve it as time goes on.

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