News 1/12/2017

X Retheme Plans

Posted By Marc

Thorpe ParkResort have today submitted plans to Runnymede Borough Council seeking approval to re-theme X. The work includes the demolition of the existing entrance portal along with construction of a replacement portal themed to a “Watch Tower” which includes a bag drop area and a pre-show.

Along with the new entrance portal the resort plans to install new theming, including a “Fake” generator, west of the new entrance portal. The existing queue line area will be extended, a themed barbed wire fence will also be installed around the perimeter of the of the queuing area including a new entrance gate and themed signage. A new emergency door is also set to be installed.

As the 2017 season ended Thorpe Park posted an end of season montage, including references to what’s in store for 2018, referencing they will meet us at the safe zone.

During its life at the resort X has seen many changes, originally opening in 1996 as “X:\ No Way Out” the ride was marketed as the worlds first backwards in the dark coaster, featured an immersive queue line through interactive themed rooms.

Over the years the rides theme was toned down, with much of the old queue line no longer used and re-purposed into a scare attraction. In March 2013 the ride received significant work, including refurbished forward-facing trains and a new theme based on lights and music, the ride was from then simply known as “X”. This year saw the ride close during the season for a number of weeks, when the ride re-opened it had a new sound track composed by IMAScore along with lighting and sound improvements in both the queue line and ride area.

See images below for full drawings from the plans:


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