News 1/04/2018

Resort to introduce Biting Actors

Posted By Josh

We can exclusively reveal that Thorpe Park will be giving actors permission to BITE guests in the resort's The Walking Dead attractions.

2018 is of course The Year of The Walking Dead, seeing the introduction of The Walking Dead: The Ride, Living Nightmare Extreme, the return of The Walking Dead at Fright Nights and more.  To help celebrate this, the resort are planning to allow actors who play Walkers to bite guests, to further immerse then in the universe of the show.

It is believed that this will result in the world's first scare attraction to allow biting when Living Nightmare Extreme opens this May half term.  "We don't know of anywhere else, even Extreme independent haunts, that allow guests to be bitten by actors" said Ivona Chomp, a representative of the resort's Creative Team.  "We have done months of research to see how feasible the idea of 'show-biting' is, and we've already begun to train our actors on this highly technical technique".

"This further aids of attractions in becoming multi sensory experiences.  We've attacked sight, sound, touch and smell, but taste is the most difficult sense to attack on a theme park attraction.  Then we thought - our guests taste good!"

Biting is a crucial part of The Walking Dead universe, since bites from a Walker cause people to turn themselves.  With guests being bitten, this leads to plenty of opportunities for scares and a immersive story line to strike fear into anyone.

The Walking Dead - The Ride opened yesterday, and you can see our review here.  Why not join in the conversation about The Year of The Walking Dead and all things Thorpe Park on our forums?


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