The Walking Dead Sanctum


NEW FOR 2017

The Walking Dead: Sanctum guests will experience a live-action outdoor maze like no other. Following in the footsteps of survivors, they have to navigate their way past the roaming walkers or risk being captured.

Thorpe Park Mania Review

The second new attraction for 2017 is based around Seasons 4 and 5 of the TV show. Located outside, behind The Swarm, it is more akin to a scare zone than a scare maze, but still produces a number of scares.

Making use of the old My Bloody Valentine shipping containers to create a route, you walk around a supposedly safe zone, away from Walkers. Instead, the humans are the ones you should be worried about... There's some fantastic pieces of theming scattered around, and many things hung to restrict your view of what is coming, creating some good jump scares.

During the attraction, the actors do have set scenes that they create, meaning that some don't interact with guests. This does leave some moments where there's no real scares, but instead create an atmosphere that leaves you on edge, wondering what could happen to you, rather than worrying about what is happening to you.

Unfortunately the ending is a bit weak, and just happens, rather than giving you a memorable exit. Again, we understand that some effects are to be introduced to the exit area, so it is a watch this space! We would also like to see some more audio played throughout the attraction, which could really add to the experience.

All in all, Sanctum is a fun attraction, which again produces a fantastic atmosphere that really puts you in The Walking Dead universe. A more memorable ending and a few little tweaks would make it a strong attraction.

TypeScare Maze