The Walking Dead Living Nightmare


NEW FOR 2017!

The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare will see visitors experience terrifying iconic scenes of the global phenomenon, including the world's first live attraction featuring of season 7. They will join other survivors on the brink of death at the mercy of the notorious Negan.

Thorpe Park Mania Review

The headline attraction for the 2017 season, Living Nightmare is the first maze based on the show to feature scenes from Season 7. The maze starts off with a strong pre show featuring Negan, a key character from Season 7, leaving everyone in the group on edge and wondering what will happen next.

The first part of the attraction gives the opportunity to choose what rooms you go in. Here, scenes from Seasons 1 and 3 are beautifully recreated to the highest standard, and the actors make it feel like you are truly plunged straight into the show itself! True credit must be given to the cast here, who manage to deliver experiences which keep you on edge whilst staying true to the show.

The maze then become linear and starts to show scenes from later seasons in the show. Some actors are Walkers, whilst some are those not yet infected, trying to warn you away from those trying to get you. Once again, the sets are beautifully themed and true to the show. However, it can sometimes be easy to miss the scares, as some moments play out before or after you arrive, or are designed to immersive you in the scene, rather than scare you.

The ending to the maze is currently the weakest part of the maze. During Media Night, we experienced several different versions of it, and none of them quite gave us the atmosphere to leave. We do understand that this is a work in progress though!

So all in all, Living Nightmare is a fantastically themed attraction, which delivers a story line very fitting within the show. The scares are perhaps on the weaker side, especially compared to other mazes, and the ending needs some work, but for the most part, the maze has an amazing atmosphere and stunning theming which is arguably the best the resort have seen in a scare attraction.

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