The Cabin In The Woods 2015


This year, Cabin In The Woods has really taken over as a killer maze! We took the forest route, then immediately left, and headed to the control room!

Actors really did master the art of appearing from nowhere; the first door on the right as you first enter is so, so dark, that you literally walk right into total fear; and they can see you coming! The actors were so alive and energized in this, it was truly terrifying! It was really good to see the first room filled with smoke, the final corridors lit with a red light (I'm sure in other years it has been white and for me that's too bright!). This was my favorite maze of the evening as the actors really own the space - there was even an actor standing on top of the railings of the bridge and forcing you through his legs while another chased you through from behind! A fantastic reincarnation of the maze for 2015!

TypeScare Maze


Sorry. We couldn't find any photos for this ride/area. Please check back soon.


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