The Big Top 2017


Twist your way through THE BIG TOP, a carnival come back to life right at THORPE PARK Resort!

Its inhabitants are there to terrorise those who dare to trespass. Will you succumb to the torturous antics of the wicked Figaro Bros. as they return for another year of crazed debauchery?

Thorpe Park Mania Review

After a fantastic second season, we didn't think Big Top could get any better...we were wrong.

About half the maze has been changed this season, meaning that it once again feels like a completely different maze. The Madame Mephisto pre show is now done by a pre recording projection (though that perhaps goes on for a little bit too long). A mini mirror maze now follows the strobe section, and the prop room and animal cage have been slightly redesigned / moved. The clown wash room has been changed and is now longer. Prior to the finale, guests are now equipped with a choice of going through one of three different doors, and each door contains its own individual tricks and horrors...

All of the new scenes fit perfectly within the attraction, and add a real chaotic and intense feel. The strobe maze is the most disorienting that we've experienced, and since it contain multiple routes in there, it is very easy to get lost. We certainly spent many times going round in circles, and regularly losing each other!

Big Top remains the star of the Fright Nights show, and in years to come, we think that it will remain this way!\

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