The Big Top 2015


New for 2015, Actually set in a big top tent and two other themed tents, this maze has a show stopping spectacle from outside to lure you in!

It's great how it really brings the Amity Beach area to life, and at nights, the smoke that's come out of the maze, together with the circus lights and Fright Night lights mix together to create a truly eerie fog! No expense has been spared on the outside of the maze; with themed games in the queue - and a part where you leave one tent and walk through carnival games to get to the next part! Some people think a circus themed attraction would only work if you were scared of clowns; but the characters Thorpe Park have put inside are not just clowns; there's a fortune teller, a strong man, the ringleader himself and mime artists to name a few! The scariest part of this maze for me was the hall of mirrors which has a manic soundtrack and a strobe light that triggers as you walk through the door. The actors are incredibly quick to be in your face and totally vanish in the same split second, and have white mime masks on which is really quite creepy when you think you know where they are and then they've vanished! The maze also actually includes dead ends so truly is a maze in some sections - and if you've run from an actor into a dead end, there's nothing worse than realising you're going to have to go back towards them to find the way out! The Big Top also has a classic Thorpe Park finale which left most people in our group running for the exit as fast as they possibly could!

TypeScare Maze


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