Saw Alive 2016


Often SAW: Alive can feel a bit predictable seeing as it operated throughout 2010 and there were six rooms for the six films (at the time!). But boy, did this change for Fright Nights! Forget predictable!

The actor in the briefing video room dived through the entrance with a gun and forced the group in. They were fantastic at dealing with anyone talking (using the gun prop to great advantage!). As we entered the maze, it was quickly evident that actors were EVERYWHERE. My particularly favourite part, which I'd never seen done so well before, was actors behind the fences in the second section. They were shaking and banging the fences and penning you in the with the jail bars - describing this in words doesn't really get across just how much of an attack it was on your senses - mixed in with an actor actually on the path guests take, made me absolutely scream my head off! The actor in the swinging blade scene was fantastic too, using the strobe light to his advantage, asking for help and then getting us on the way out of the room! Overall some great uses of the maze in a way that hadn't been done before!

TypeScare Maze


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