Platform 15 2017


Platform 15 is seta along the old Canada Creek Railway route, going behind Loggers Leap and through the heavily forested area of Thorpe Park Resort.

Set outdoors, it sees people travel along the deserted train tracks, and has promised to deliver explosions and being chased through the forest by zombies known as "The Sleepers".

Thorpe Park Mania Review

Platform 15 was, unfortunately, a weak attraction last year. Too much open space, not enough actors and little action meant that it verged on boring for large parts of it. This year, there are plenty of new scenes which have largely improved on this...

The pre show walk has received a slight change in story to reflect the new scenes (introducing Creek Village, an area served by the Sleeper Express that left Platform 15, but since abandoned due to strange occurrences). It has also seem more special effects, include many misters, to create a very eerie atmosphere. You also get a lot nearer to the Sleeper Express piece before the fire effect goes off, making it more exciting to see.

After the train scene, you now venture into Creek Village. You enter a series of buildings from the village, all of which feature a creepy atmosphere, and are greeted either by villagers warning you away or 'Sleepers' who now haunt it. This section featured many scares, tight spaces, and an atmosphere which did leave you on edge.

After the village, your only means of escape is the tunnel. This has received some small changes and a new ending, but is still the weakest section of the maze. Some more effects and things that affect your other senses would certainly help keep people on their toes till the very end.

All in all, Platform 15 has received a large number of improvements, and now is a perfect fit in the Thorpe Park line up.

TypeScare Maze



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