My Bloody Valentine 2015


Due to the new location of My Bloody Valentine by Zodiac, the previous layout of the maze physically wouldn't fit in the new space, and so some changes have been made; namely the removal of the hospital scene.

While it is a shame to have lost the great theming in that scene, the good news is that the absolute dread of the mines happens IMMEDIATELY at the start of the maze. You get an all new introduction by the 'sheriff' who asks if you've come for the party; and then tells you it's over - because Harry is back! In a cleverly choreographed attack by Harry to the Sheriff, you then get split into the two sides of the mines right away. This sort of makes more sense than before as you went from a hospital to a mine. We had some great experiences along the mine shaft with the lights purposefully going out and leaving us in darkness as we walked along. This year, the actors are putting the handholes in the mines to good use; which is terrifying to get grabbed - especially when you're well aware Harry could be following you - and then the lights go out! The tunnel section remains and the actors were reaching through and getting guests through here too, to add maximum terror. The pursuit of Harry chasing you through the maze is great, and the whole of My Bloody Valentine just feels more claustrophobic than ever before! When you finally escape you really do feel like you've been trapped down a mine!

TypeScare Maze


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