Containment 2015


For the preview night unfortunately Containment had some technical problems but Thorpe Park worked hard to get it up and running for opening weekend. With all the technology to release doors, activate lights, and reveal codes, you can forgive them for this and it was great they got it back up and running so quickly!

Based around trying to escape from a locked down containment facility, and find the cure to prevent a breakout across the entire world, it cleverly united groups of often complete strangers, to work together as we were united in a common goal; to get out before the countdown ran out! Despite being groups of 10, it never felt too many, and had a great briefing video from the Doctor who had created the facility, to get you into the story's theme. The live actors inside were creepy, often with a jump scare as you first entered the room, and would add to the sense of urgency you felt to escape! It was a great new addition to Fright Nights with four fantastically themed themed rooms to escape from! If you succeed, you are given a green wristband that says BREAKOUT, if you fail to escape within the 20 minute countdown, you get a red wristband that says OUTBREAK (impossible to take off without scissors) - which the roaming actors around the park look out for and if you have a red wristband, will give you a really hard time!

TypeScare Maze


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