Blair Witch Project 2016


This is Thorpe Park's hidden gem that is so often underrated, and in my opinion, deserves a much higher scare rating! This has really come into its own over the years; and the experience benefits from something you usually just can't create - if you get too scared, you can't look up and see a stage light or piece of equipment that might assure you it's 'only a horror maze'. If you look up, down, left, right or anywhere at all - you can't escape.

This plays on some very psychological fears of the dark but also the sounds you hear - half the time it could just be a twig breaking in the distance from another group, or the breeze in the trees! The actors complimented each other perfectly; one would move and you would let your guard down knowing they were on the left, when before you knew it, one would jump out from the right. Some actors just stand still in the trees and don't move; which is equally as terrifying if you spot a face or outline of a figure in the darkness! The ambient soundtrack also really helps to make this experience a fully rounded one. This year the shed at the end of the experience has been redesigned and is much darker - with more actors than ever before, most of which are totally hidden as you first enter the shed - and mean you'll leave with a heart stopping final scare!

TypeScare Maze


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