Blair Witch Project


Set along the disused path between the old Canada Creek Railway station and coming out just past Nemesis Inferno's station, the Blair Witch Project was a cross between an outdoor scare zone and maze.

For Fright Nights, Canada Creek is transformed into Burkittsville, where the film is set. The attraction itself sees guests go in large groups and hunt for the Blair Witch. There is very low lighting and the route feels very secluded from the rest of the park. Actors are placed along the route, some scared away by the unseen entities, others seemingly possessed. But what will happen when you enter the mysterious, abandoned shed towards the end?

Guests can also camp out during the night for an even scarier experience. Attempt to stake out the Blair Witch, but make sure you're fit enough to run back to the Shark Hotel if you get too scared...

TypeScare Maze


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