News 26/05/2019

Bouncezilla Now Open!

Posted By Josh

This weekend, Thorpe Park opened BounceZilla. Promising to be a fun and crazy 90m inflatable assault course, the attraction certainly delivers!

Located next to Crust (an area which is also used during Fright Nights), the attraction is suitable for ages 6+ and is included at no extra cost with your park entry ticket. The course is surprisingly exhausting, requiring you to climb (or bounce!) over obstacles, crawl through others, and squeeze your way though tight spaces. The finale is even an inflatable slide!

Throughout the course, staff cheer you on, but may also have water guns to encourage you on as well! And that is most welcome; you'll be out of breath half way through!

This is definitely something different for the resort, and though maybe not our first choice for an attraction, it is undeniably a lot of fun! The craziness of sheer "fun factor" is something which Thorpe Park doesn't have much of, so this fills that gap!

BounceZilla is open every day until the end of the summer holidays. The attraction is open from 10am until noon exclusively for families with children aged 6-10, and then open to all from noon until closing time. It is free to enter, and guests go in at regular intervals after a quick safety speech and warm up.


Are you planning on taking on Thorpe Park's bounciest attraction this year?


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