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Creek Freak Massacre Set for Fright Nights 2022?

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After news of Project Exodus broke, a question on many enthusiasts' minds was about Creek Freak Massacre. The Old Town area has been closed off for the 2022 season, and if all goes to plan, construction in the area should start later this year. The building that the popular Fright Nights maze, Creek Freak Massacre, is in is set to be demolished for the new roller coaster. However, it was unclear whether this would happen this year.


New plans submitted as part of the Project Exodus application have possibly made the situation a bit clearer. 


The resort have submitted a Construction Environmental Management Plan, which details how the construction site will be accessed, as well as at what times, and what works can take place when. This includes, amongst other things, details of the service road to access the site. More interesting, the Loggers Leap station building, where Creek Freak Massacre is located, is highlighted, and is labelled as being returned to the park for August-November 2022 for a scare maze.



This would include a new queue line entrance, roughly where the old Platform 15 entrance was.


We should stress that this is currently only a potential plan; nothing is set in stone! However, it does make sense for the resort to do their best to retain Creek Freak Massacre for this season's Fright Nights event. With Platform 15 having now closed, we expect the park will want to replace that maze with a new attraction. It is difficult enough creating one new attraction in a new attraction. Losing Creek Freak Massacre would either mean losing a maze, or having to create two new mazes from the ground up, neither of which is ideal! At the same time, maybe the park want to head in a different direction, and add in two new mazes this year as a result. 


If the plans for Project Exodus are approved, this handover of the area is not set in the stone. It just gives the resort the opportunity to retain the maze for this year's event if they want, giving them options for what to do!


Would you like to see Creek Freak Massacre return in 2022 for one final hurrah? Or have you already said your last goodbye to the Buckwheats? Let us know!

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