News 16/03/2009

Main Season Begins

Posted By Marc
On Saturday 14th March 2009 Thorpe Parks full season begun where Saw - The Ride was unleashed to the public. Unfortunately, due to a technical difficulty suffered, Saw - The Ride's opening was short lived and closed on Saturday and remained closed until Monday 16th March 2009 to which THORPE PARK responded with the following:

"THORPE PARK would like to apologise to anyone disappointed by the minor technical faults that have occurred over the opening weekend and would like people to be rest assured that we have a commitment to getting the ride running again as quickly as possibly. Gerstlauer have been onsite all weekend to rectify the problem and SAW - The Ride opened up this morning (Monday 16th March 2009)."

With full season opening, this meant a number of attractions reopened for the year including Rumba Rapids, Samurai and Canada Creek Railway, each with various visible improvements which have been carried out over the closed period.
Stealth, Loggers Leap and Slammer are also still undergoing their annual maintenance and are expected to open soon, Remember to check for the latest availability updates.

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