News 1/04/2020

Thorpe Park Launch Your Day with Drones

Posted By Josh

Thorpe Park have confirmed that they plan to re-launch "Your Day", a video experience which captures guests' journeys throughout their day, both on and off rides. However, it comes with a massive twist: the footage will be captured by a drone!

Your Day was previously planned to launch across all Merlin parks over a decade ago, and was trialled at Alton Towers. However, the idea never fully took off and was quietly scrapped. This new version allows guests to choose to have a drone capture some moments from around the park, as well as some videos of guests you on selected rides as well, including SAW - The Ride, Stealth and The Swarm!

A booking page for Your Day will be launched later this month. If you wish to utilise Your Day, you have to book in advance, and then meet a member of staff at the start of the day, who explains where the best footage will be captured. A 30 minute show reel of your best moments throughout the day is then sent to you 3 days after your visit. The cost is currently set at £150, with Annual Pass discount available, but this is subject to change. Spaces are limited, with a maximum of 100 drones per day making pre-booking essential.

A spokesperson for the park said how this had been in the works for "several months" and that they had "teamed up with several drone experts and consulted many companies" to come up with this "world's first visitor attraction offering".

Your Day is expected to be available every day the park is open, with details following when the booking page goes live.


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